Transaction menu contains the entity's daily functions for expenditure and receipt processing.  A crosswalk of the Transaction menu options and their Classic counterparts is available below.  For a printable version of the crosswalk, click here.  The Transaction menu includes the following program options (you can click on a link below to take you to that chapter).

USAS-R Transaction OptionsUSAS Classic ProgramsDefinition
Account Ledger QuerySimilar EIEIO/OINQ or USASWEB query

Query only grid allowing you to filter existing transactions under the TRANSACTIONS menu. You can query on POs, invoices, disbursements, receipts, refunds, transfers and distributions.

AP InvoicesUSASWEB's AP InvoiceCreating an invoice to prepare the PO for payment.





Users have the ability to create Disbursements through the Payables interface. Check number are assigned via Disbursements grid. Resequence checks, voiding checks, manually reconciling as well as auto-reconciling checks are done via the Disbursements grid as well.
Distributions/Error CorrectionsACTMOD's Expense/Supplies DistributionAllows user to re-distribute expenditures if the expenditures are charged to more accounts than the purchase order was originally issued for or to correct an error in a previous expense. 
PayablesINVLST/CKPROCAs invoice items are filled via AP Invoice they will appear as a "payable" under the Payables query. Users have the ability to create Disbursements through the Payables interface.
Pending TransactionsAUTOPOSTA pending transaction is a transaction that is currently sitting out there from a different system/software waiting to be posted to USAS. For example a payroll file from USPS-R.
Purchase Orders

USASWEB's Purchase Order option


A purchase order is a document authorizing a seller to deliver goods, with payment to be made at a later date. Monies are encumbered when a purchase order is created.
ReceiptsUSASWEB's Receipt optionA receipt is the process of posting monies received by the district. A reduction of expenditure is the process of reducing an already posted expenditure. 
RefundsUSASWEB's Refund optionA refund is the process of returning money previously receipted into the system.  The refund module has the option of creating a refund check to a specified vendor. 

USASWEB's Requisition option


A requisition is a formal document requesting goods or services that may be converted to a purchase order once it has been approved by the appropriate parties.


ACTMOD's Fund-to-Fund Transfer/ AdvanceTransfers/Advances is used to transfer money from one fund account to another or cash advances between funds. A transfer is considered a permanent movement of money, whereas an advance is expected to be repaid back to the originating fund.