Periodic menu contains interfaces performed during monthly or yearly processing. A crosswalk of the Periodic menu and its Classic counterparts is available below.  For a printable version of the crosswalk, click here.  The interfaces include:

USAS-R Periodic OptionsUSAS Classic ProgramsDefinition
Appropriation Resolution ReportUSACERT's APPRESAllows the user to generate a report of the district's temporary resolution prior to fiscal year closing or as a final resolution.
Building ProfilesUSAEMSDB's BLDMNTAllows the user to enter the building IRN, square footage, and the transportation and lunchroom percentages for each building within the district.
Cash ReconciliationUSAEMSEDT's Cash ReconciliationAllows the user to create a monthly reconciliation sheet. 
Certification/Appropriation ReportsUSACERT's CERTBAL & AMDCERTAllows the user to generate a Certificate of Available Balances and Amended Certificate of Estimated Resources summary or detail reports.
Civil ProceedingsUSAEMSEDT's Civil ProceedingsAllows the user to enter court case data pending against the district during the reporting period. 
Federal Assistance DetailUSAEMSEDT's Federal Assistance DetailDetails the federal program monies the district has expended or received during the fiscal year.
Federal Assistance SummaryUSAEMSEDT's Federal SummarySummary of the federal monies the district has expended or received during the fiscal year.
Five Year ForecastUSASFF ExtractFive Year Forecast option allows you to extract forecast data for the fiscal year that is current.
Spending PlanSM12's SM1MNTAllows the user to track the estimated financial condition of the General Fund for July through June. 
1099 ExtractsF1099Allows the user to extract your 1099 data for a specified year.  Options to generate the TAP and XML output files are provided as well as the ability to print the 1099 report in PDF format.