Utilities menu contains the account functions.  A crosswalk of the Utilities menu and its Classic counterparts is available below.  For a printable version of the crosswalk, click here.  Utilities menu includes the following interfaces:

USAS-R Utilities OptionsUSAS Classic ProgramsDefinition
Account FiltersUSASEC Account Filters screen

Controls what accounts a user can create, read, update, delete and process transactions against on the system.

Account ChangeACTCHGAllows you to change expenditure and revenue account codes.
Account Code MappingN/AControls how account codes will be mapped when using the Proration Utility option to Create a PO CSV.
Automatic ReconciliationAUTOREC set up on .INI file

One time setup for the format of the bank file.  Must be completed before using the Auto Reconcile option under Disbursements.

Change PasswordN/A

If the user knows their old password they can change their password using the 'change password' link found on the USAS-R Login page or by the 'change password' option under the Utilities Menu.

File ArchiveMONTHLYCD/FISCALCDNot fully implemented yet. Once zipped files are imported (via File Import), Classic's MONTHLYCD/FISCALCD reports will be downloadable through this option.
File ImportN/AThe ability to import Classic's MONTHLYCD/FISCALCD in zipped format.

Allows district to import cash, expenditure and revenue data into the USAS-R from an outside source.

Job SchedulerN/A

List of jobs (i.e. reports) generated at a scheduled date and time. Scheduled jobs can be viewed, edited or deleted.

Proration UtilityN/AGenerates a spreadsheet which may be used to assist in calculating premium amounts for Worker's Compensation payments.
Purchase Order RefreshN/ARefreshes the state of a Purchase Order that has become invalid.
Show ProfileUSASWEB's Utilities 'Show Profile'

Detailed information about the user account currently logged into the USAS-R application.