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Application Main Menu Options and Descriptions.

  • Journal Entry - List of available Journals to allow you to select the appropriate journal.

  • Reports - List of available report options which include: Journal Entry Reports, Published Statements and Trial Balances.

  • Legacy Cash Reports  - List of Legacy Cash Report options available.

  • Setup  - Contains options to display, modify, and delete Fund Codes, Department Codes (for cities and counties) and Component Unit Codes. Contains basic information about the entity. Allows you to edit your user profile and change your password. And allows you to execute the program to upload the entity's cash activity for the fiscal year, the MD&A and the notes to the Financial Statements.

  • Administration - Listing of Application Administrator Options, Database/Server Administrator Options and information about the server. (Only available for authorized users.)

  • Select a Different Entity or Year  - Select the entity and fiscal year you want to work on.

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