Welcome to the Inventory project page.  Here you will find project information, as well as links to release notes and user documentation.

Inventory Releases (current calendar year)


Release Date

Release Notes


Release Date

Release Notes


Jun 13, 2024


May 17, 2024


May 1, 2024


Apr 26, 2024


Mar 6, 2024


Jan 26, 2024

Prior Year Inventory Release Notes



Feedback extremely important and we will address all feedback with the highest priority. Please communicate all feedback to the SSDT using the proper standard channels.  Users are encourage to contact their ITCs for support.  ITCs can create support tickets via the SSDT Service Desk Portal or can send mail to  Feedback should be as specific as possible and include, but is not limited to, any bugs discovered, required missing features, and critical reports that are not adequately implemented.  

Accessing the Wiki

Please use your MCOECN username/password to access the SSDT Wiki.  If you have any issues, contact the SSDT for a wiki account. After completing the signup, you will have rights to post comments on the wiki.

Accessing JIRA

If you already have an SSDT JIRA username, you may continue to use your existing JIRA username at the present time.  If you do not have an existing SSDT Jira username, please use your MCOECN account credentials and contact the SSDT if you have any visibility issues.  JIRA access will be migrating to MCOECN accounts as the primary access in the future.