Inventory User Manual


Home is the Welcome screen for the application.  To the left of the application menu, it denotes the package (Inventory), the entity and the username of who is currently logged in

Document Structure

This document explains how to use the Inventory application.

The user manual is organized by the menus in Inventory and then alphabetically by program. It contains details and steps for executing the programs in the Inventory User Guide. 

Core menu contains the central pieces of Inventory. 

Transactions menu contains the entity's daily functions for inventory processing.

The Reports menu allows the user to generate a report from a listing of canned reports.

System menu contains various programs that control how processing is defined and performed in the system.

The Help menu contains an 'About' page which includes the version number currently running on your instance as well as recommended browser requirements.  There is also a Documentation page that provides a direct link to the Inventory User Guide.

The Appendix contains several processing guides including Migration Procedures, FAQs, Checklists, etc.

Menu options may look different for each user as they will only see the options available to them based up on their user account's Role.

Intended Audience

This manual is intended for both beginning and experienced users of the Inventory system.