USPS User Manual

This document explains how to use the USPS-R application.

The user manual is organized by the menus in USPS-R and then alphabetically by program. It contains details and steps for executing the programs in the USPS-R package.

Core menu contains the central pieces of USPS-R.  Adding and modifying Employee and Employer data.

Payments menu 

Payroll menu contains the Initial start up of the Payroll Run (INICAL) and the entering of Payroll Payments - Current (UPDCAL-CUR and Future (UPDCAL-FUT).

Processing menu contains the Benefit Update and Projection (BENACC), New Contracts (NEWCNT), Payroll Item Refund (REFSCN) and Process of Outstanding Payables (PAYDED).

Utilities menu contains information on the user currently logged in.

Admin menu contains programs that control how processing is defined and done on the system and other options that only an administrator would access

The Report module allows the user to generate a report from either a  listing of predefined reports or create a custom report using the "detail" option

USAS Integration controls if and how the software is connected to the USAS-R system.

Menu options may look different for each user as they will only see the options available to them based up on their user account's Role/Permissions.