The Budgeting menu offers interfaces to handle the various budgeting processes involved in creating temporary and permanent estimates of expenditures and revenues.  A crosswalk of the Budgeting menu and its Classic Counterparts is available below.

The interfaces include:

USAS-R Budgeting OptionsUSAS Classic ProgramsDefinition
ScenariosAPPROP and BUDWRK/REVWRKAllows for the creation of budget scenarios via spreadsheets which can then be promoted to proposed amounts.
Proposed AmountsAPPROP optionsDisplays the proposed budget and revenue amounts for a specified year in a grid format.  The proposed amounts can then be applied to initial budget and revenue estimates.

Budgeting Scenario Steps

Please click here for the steps to create proposed amounts for the next fiscal year and click here for the steps for making budget adjustments in the current fiscal year.