Core menu contains the central pieces of USAS. Almost all transactions/processing requires an account code or vendor. 

The Core menu includes the following program options (you can click on a link below to take you to that chapter).  

USAS-R Core Options


USAS-R Core Options



Contains fund, cash, appropriation, budget and revenue account information.

Bank Accounts

Contains information for each bank account.  When Disbursements are posted,  indicate which bank account the checks are being created from.

Delivery Addresses

Contains the delivery addresses that have been used on Requisitions and Purchase Orders.

OPUs (Operational Units)

Contains the Operational Units for district/building.


Contains district organization information for reference and reporting, including address and IRN.

Posting Periods

Ability to open/close monthly periods. Current period is the current working period.


Ability to track project-to-date information.


Ability to create and maintain vendors on the system.